Leigh Drake

Portland, OR
United States

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After returning to the practice of yoga later in life, the opportunity to open unfold studios along with partners EB Ferdig and Rachel Plies presented itself, and I am now having the time of my life!

The studio’s foundation is built on a passion to make yoga and awareness practices accessible in all its forms, and a passion to be UNCONDITIONALLY WELCOMING to all people, regardless of age, ability, size, gender or any other category we can imagine.

Molly Lannon Kenny of the Samarya Center in Seattle is my inspiration for creating an environment where yoga is accessible to every body regardless of perceived barriers. I earned certification as an Integrated Movement Therapy® Practitioner while studying with Molly. Training with Molly provided me the opportunity to examine my deepest desires for connection and community, the opportunity to face my deeply held fears of not being “good enough”, and the courage to recognize and rejoice in my unique gifts and abilities. This exploration will continue for the rest of my life, and I am firmly committed to sharing these joys with others.


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