Leigh Evans

Brooklyn, NY
United States
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Leigh Evans (500 E-RYT) is a New York based yoga teacher and choreographer dedicated to awakening creativity and aliveness in the body. Whatever your age, skill level, past, present or future, Leigh Evans Yoga provides bespoke instruction and expert anatomical alignment. Through decades of teaching thousands of students, Leigh’s seasoned approach to the practice can transform any student who craves insight on the body and the human experience. Your practice is what you make it, and Leigh can help you make it your personal best.

Leigh is a holistic wellness expert with tools to help you cultivate tranquility and health. From the study of thai massage in Chiang Mai to Ayurveda in India, Leigh’s breadth of knowledge gives her the tools to teach practical applications that can change students’ everyday lives. Leigh is a go-to resource for seasonal wellness practices, sleep yoga and thai massage, and anyone interested in her expertise can benefit from workshops, regular editorial features on her site.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing teacher

I have studied with Leigh for several years. Not only is she a very wise, warm, experienced and compassionate teacher, she is also an amazing human being to be with!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing, intuitive, wise teacher

I have travelled the world to attend classes and retreats with Leigh. She is one of the most amazing yoga teachers I have met. Always friendly, she has a talent for giving you just what you need, whether that's a physical or spiritual adjustment.
When I'm in New York I always look her up and get to as many classes as I can, no matter where I'm staying.
I wish I could get to more of her retreats. They are a real treat for the body and soul.


If you're free in February her Jungle Yoga retreat in Thailand is one not to be missed. Leigh is an amazing teacher who will take you on a journey from where you are and gradually stretch you over the course of the week. You'll feel fabulous.
The surroundings are gorgeous. You sleep in your own floating bamboo hut, jump off the balcony to swim, grab a kayak and explore the lake, eat yummy food, visit some local caves, hike through the jungle, meet great people…