Leigh Khoo


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Hi there! I'm Leigh, and I teach classes in Hom Yoga in Singapore. I love moving with my breath in flowy vinyasa sequences, as much as I do exploring stillness in a meditative yin session. To me, yoga more than just a workout, and it is definitely more than just about the asanas. I quote from a book I read a long time ago: Yoga is more like "a bowing to the inner sun, to the truth of the heart, and letting all else unfold from there like a flower to the morning rays." Our body and our breath are the tools to listen and connect us to our deepest self, from which the most meaningful lessons unfold. When practised with mindfulness, everything is yoga.

My personal practice is one of joy, gratitude and above all, love – and these are what I often share in my classes, along with my favourite quotes, stories and poetry. Off the mat, I am a conscious foodie, a storyteller, a writer and travel-loving gypsy.

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