Lek Kittikunadul

Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

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Lek Kittikunadul was born and raised in Bangkok.
He finished his first degree in Industrial Design at Rungsit University in Bangkok in 1991.

After that, he got a master degree in Computer Art at The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco

He had his first experiences in yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco in 1995 and fell in love with right away.

After the death of his partner he decided to follow his heart and his passion and went to India to attend the 200 hour Teacher Training at Sivananda in Uttharakashi and stayed in northern India for 6 months to experience different yoga styles.

But the big turn of his practice was when he met Victor Chng who inspired and trained him to be a skilled Yin Yoga teacher.

At present, he is working as Yoga and Meditation Director at The Spa Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand. He also is a co-owner at well known Wild Rose Studio Chiang Mai, where he teaches, as well as in other yoga studios in Chiang Mai.

Lek is the international known Yin yoga instructors working. He is teaching and conducts Yin Yoga classes, workshop and retreat around Thailand and also in many countries. He also teaches at ASVZ (Akademischer Sportverband Zürich) in Zurich, Switzerland, www. His teaching is focused on body awareness and deep stretches of joints, ligaments, fascias and the flow of Qi in the body. In his classes, he shares with his students some physiology and anatomy of connective tissues knowledge. He also incorporates philosophy, spiritualism and Traditional Chinese Medicine into his teaching.


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