Lena Judek

San José
Costa Rica

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Lena fell in love with the contemporary yoga lifestyle as a young woman of seventeen. The daughter of a professional ballet dancer, and an aerial silk performer herself, she has lived in a world full of art, dance, circus, and body movement all her life.

Her career began when she travelled to study and work in the hotel management sector. Spending time in Switzerland, Italy, Saint Barthelemy, the United States, and Costa Rica, she kept herself centered through yoga, while exploring the world and many of its cultures. Lena studied at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management (Switzerland) and Kendall College (Chicago,USA) – both top hotel management schools.

This is where her passion for hospitality was boosted
by firsthand experience with administration, management, and event organization. Through the course of her work, she realized the significance of yoga in helping her navigate her life. She began to envision her journey, helping others by combining yoga and similar therapies with hospitality.

Lena’s passion for the discipline led her to becoming a certified yoga instructor in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica in 2012. A proponent for inclusivity, she practices Vinyasa Flow and the Jai Jai Hanuman method, which allows her to teach her students with flexibility for their abilities. Lena’s classes focus on finding freedom, energy, and strength, through smoothness and dance-inspired moves. A lot of fun and learning is, of course, also involved. She strongly believes in mental and physical harmony, as well as maintaining a balance between the personal and professional spheres of life. Lena’s core philosophy relies on inner growth, and the need to always keep learning.

She has commenced on adding another chapter to her own book of life, and is currently studying Psychology. Lena’s dream is to inspire others to follow a healing, restorative path, and to embrace the benefits of multi-faceted therapy. With yoga, travel, psychology, kindness, and love, she hopes to make the world just a little bit brighter.


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