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I started Yoga during my time in London with a Rocket Yoga class and from the first moment on I was totally mesmerized by the strenght and the energy it gave me. Ever since I have been practicing this dynamic and fun type of Yoga, not only improving my health, my breathing and my posture but also enhancing my self-being.
After taking a break of my regular life in London and spending a few months travelling through Asia, I became dependent on self-practice and decided to take my Yoga practice onto the next level: I was going to become a yoga teacher. This way I would be able to share the amazing style of teaching I had experienced in London and take it to my next destination - Barcelona.
I did my Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga Teacher Training with „The Yoga People“ in Goa, India. As they have been trained directly by Larry Schultz - the founder of the Rocket Yoga Series -, „The Yoga People“ are pioneers of the original Rocket, and in their training they combine this style with the more traditional Ashtanga Primary Series. The training was based on traditional Asana of Ashtanga Vinyasa and modern Rocket Yoga and including also amongst others:
• Yoga philosophy and ethics
• Pranayama, meditation and mantras
• Anatomy and proper adjusting
Here I found my love for Ashtanga Yoga and the way of teaching this strong and traditional practice in a healthy and sustainable way.

When I am teaching, my aim is to transfer my passion for Yoga and my energy to the students and make sure they enjoy the practice physically and spiritually way as much as I do.


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