Lesley Lotto Lotto

Rock Hill, NY
United States
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Lesley Lotto began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago in Los Angeles. But it wasn't until she moved to Montana that she began a regular personal practice. In Missoula Lesley starting a Hot Yoga practice then moved into a sincere appreciation for all styles of yoga. At the same time, one of Lesley's teachers brought a 200 hour certification training to a yoga studio in Missoula through Prana Mandir Yoga of New York. It was nearly one year of study including the history and philosophy of Astanga and Vinyasa Yoga practice and sequencing. After moving to New York, she took 300 hr., Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Level 1 and Thai Yoga Massage Training. She's practiced or learned from Guru Singh, Seane Corn, Rolf Gates, Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Dharma Mittra, Kelly Kamm, Sondra Loring and Sadie Nardini. Lesley has an at-home yoga studio where she practices daily and loves to take hikes in the mountains with her pup.

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