Leslie Hadley

Princeton area, NJ
United States

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Leslie created an incredible business using both her quality business management experience as well as her passion for yoga teaching and mentoring. Leslie spent 27 years in corporate management where she managed staff internationally and created quality programs in the Americas. Leslie was the liason between her company and companies all over the world. Her negotiation skills are stellar. She practiced yoga to relieve job stress and the numbness in her legs. Leslie is a single parent from the time her daughter was a year old. In 1999 she began her first teacher training. Leslie has been teaching yoga since she graduated in 2000. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and has been mentoring others to teach yoga and grow their business. She loves showing others how to start a business from the ground up. Leslie loves to learn and in 2009 she spent a year at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she learned about holistic nutrition and the process of coaching others to improve their lives. Leslie has developed a successful transformational business coaching program to empower yoga teachers, healers and wellness professionals to become more visible, successful and magnetic while remaining balanced and focused.


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