Leslie Kelly

Hayling Island
United Kingdom

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Hi there
My name is Leslie Kelly. I am a qualified homeopath, Reiki Master and massage therapist, working from my peaceful home therapy room on Hayling Island as Believe in Wellbeing. I specialise in emotional work and have also delivered Wise Woman Workshops - empowering women to seek out natural solutions to support their menopause journeys.
I am now embarking on my yoga teacher training journey. I have been practising yoga on and off for over 20 years and with my body work clients I often drop to the floor and demonstrate a pose that may be beneficial for whatever is going on for them. Massage and yoga are a perfect union for me so it feels like a natural progression for my career to train as a yoga teacher. I have a particular love for yin yoga and I can see it being really beneficial for so many of my clients.

I undertook an intensive yin yoga training with Norman Blair - an incredibly inspiring teacher. And I am so pleased that I am now able to offer yin yoga classes as a trainee yoga teacher while I undertake my 200hr training. I will be fully qualified in July 2019 and will then expand my yoga class offerings.

As a student yoga teacher I am offering two yin yoga classes each week on Thursday evenings and Sunday late afternoons. I provide mats and props, all you need to bring is a blanket for our relaxation at the end and for extra support. As I am a trainee yoga teacher these classes are at the reduced rate of £7 for an hour session. Classes take place in North Hayling Recreation Hall, Hayling Island.​

So what is yin yoga? Yin postures are more passive and mostly floor-based which makes it accessible to so many of us. It has a slow and considered approach, asking you to relax into a pose, soften the muscles and deepen into your body. Poses are held for a number of minutes, melting tension and taking your deeper into yourself. This style of yoga targets deep connective tissues and, as it has a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach, we can also regulate the flow of energy in the body through targeting specific meridians and acupressure points.

The time spent holding postures can be meditative which, to me, makes it such a beautiful practice. And it is thought that a practice like this was traditionally used to help promote meditation and long periods of pranayama (breathing exercises) and sitting. This meditative approach with a physical focus gives us the opportunity to access deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia. Often this is where we hold deep seated historical tension. And in my experience as a body worker and Reiki Master this is also where we hold emotions that no longer serve us. This practice of yoga gives you the opportunity to get close and personal with yourself, with your feelings, with the emotions lying under the surface. And it allows us to do something we struggle to SLOW DOWN!

Yin can also help us with flexibility. There is no delicate way to put this - the older we get the more our joints lose flexibility. And yin is a great way to maintain good movement and joint function. Yin teaches you to listen to your body - something we all need so much.

Some of the benefits of yin yoga are:
* Calms and balances the body and mind
* Regulates energy in the body
* Increases mobility, especially the joints and hips
* Lowers stress levels
* Helps lubricate and protect joints
* Impacts on the connective tissue
* Deep relaxation
* Destresses
* Better able to sit for meditation


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