Leslie Lewis-Helgeson

Rio Communities, NM
United States

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Yes, this is an Indigo Bunting who came to visit my farm in rural North Dakota that lies along the eastern edge of the Red River Valley.

Living close to nature suits me and my lifestyle as a "prairie yogi" so to speak. Having lived here for 20 years has taught me many great lessons on becoming the person I strive to be at any given moment in time.

My training and practice of Hatha Yoga came after my initiation into Kriya Yoga having been born into a family of dedicated yogis who follow the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship, which began in Boston with my father's parents in 1920. Dr. & Mildred Lewis were close friends of my husband, Lars, who had the opportunity to know Dr. Lewis from 1956-1960 while serving in the in San Diego.
Having lived on the east coast until my early 20's; I later moved to California graduating from UCLA and later moving to San Diego where much of the then, "new age" ideas were being reconstructed. Later, marrying and moving to the mid-west in 1993, offered the opportunity of graduate school and academic training.
I feel very fortunate in having been given so many opportunities to work and learn in a variety of professions. Beginning as a trained artist and illustrator (before computers people); teaching public speaking at the college level; expanding my own academic learning and writing in rhetoric and communication; as well as continuing my teaching of hatha yoga, from several outstanding and internationally acclaimed teachers: Peri Ness-DeFay and her husband Charles and Joseph & Lillian LePage.
I try to give to my yoga classes the benefit of what was passed along to me from not only my instructors, but what I have hopefully learned in my own personal life in searching for spiritual truth.

Currently I reside in New Mexico having left North Dakota April 2015.

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