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A Little Bit About Me ....

My name is Lettice and I am an Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Instructor, qualified in Goa, India with a registered certification from the Yoga Alliance UK, The International Yoga Federation, The World Yoga Council and The Yoga Confederation of India.

My Areas of Expertise: 

Previously I taught Yoga on the tropical island of Mauritius, where I developed my niche working towards helping people reduce back pain and improve posture and mobility. My main focus was on working with clients, who suffered from sciatica, slipped discs and shoulder tension.

Working with sports injuries became an equal focus to back pain, as it is in fact the reason I moved into instructing Yoga. Having been a professional skier and slightly over competitive I suffer from a range of injuries, which have been vastly improved and in fact mobilised beyond expectations with Yoga. Yoga helps to strengthen the body, increase mobility and flexibility, generally helping in many sports injury cases, contact me to find out if Yoga could be helpful in your case. 

I also helped clients to lose weight with a combination of Power Yoga, delicious meal plans and healthy recipes. To book a Weightloss package and find out more details do get in touch! 

I regularly work with sports teams to help reduce injury rate by creating a series of poses tailored to the sport to generally rebalance the body. I have worked with professional and semi-professional athletes and teams alike. 

Lastly I have a great deal of experience working with Corporates, both for team building, on-off wellness months or weeks and as a regular class. Yoga has many mental and physical benefits, helping employees to feel calm and reduce stress, whilst developing their fitness, improving their posture and reducing general aches and pains. 

My Teaching Locations:


Central London




Milton Keynes
Central London 

What I

I offer a range of class types, including:

Ashtanga Yoga Classes, also know as Power Yoga
Private Yoga Classes, held in the comfort of your own home
Corporate Yoga Sessions 
Hatha Yoga Classes (traditional yoga)
Yoga Tone & Stretching Classes 
Meditation & Pranayama Classes 
Yoga Wheel Classes (small groups only, get in touch for details)
Yoga for back pain relief
Yoga for Sports Teams and Athletes to help reduce injury rate
Yoga for Sports Injury Rehabilitation
I provide private one-to-one sessions or small group sessions (max 4 pax) held in your home or a mutually agreed location. I also offer corporate classes and Team Building Events. To book a session please click here.


Before creating The Sporty Yogi in the UK, I jointly ran a health and wellness business in Mauritius, called Recharge | Reboot for approximately two years, partnered with a fitness expert, where I handled the Yoga and food side.

At Recharge | Reboot, I taught Yoga to private individuals and small groups, as well as outdoor beach and park sessions, at most of the major gyms within Mauritius and to multiple corporates; including Amicorp Ltd, Nestle Mauritius and Tam International. I also created catered healthy meals, menu plans and recipes. 

Additionally we produced packages as a team, specialising in rehabilitation or weight loss. Our weight loss packages were popular with brides to be, with our last client losing 11kg and four dress sizes in ten weeks, with a combination of power yoga, menu plans (both of which were provided by myself) and fitness sessions, (provided by my business partner). 

Before moving into instructing Yoga, I had been working in the Ski Industry, both competitively and as an instructor. 


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