Lexy Seedhouse

Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
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I’m Lexy Seedhouse, and I’ve been a student and practitioner of yoga for around 15 years. At its most fundamental, I see yoga as being a method of moving around the body’s energy to encourage a healthy flow. I’ve probably tried every style of yoga going (apart from the one where you have to be naked!), and I’ve come to understand that yoga can be whatever you need it to be, and that there’s style to suit everybody.

In my classes, I aim to fuse the strength and discipline of Ashtanga, with the refinement, alignment and heart opening of Anusara. If that doesn’t mean too much to you― don’t worry―the class will be flowing and dynamic for your body, but always with a focus on uplifting and opening emotionally and spiritually. I challenge my students to go beyond the physical practice of yoga with pranayama and meditation, to encourage a more mindful presence, focused awareness and conscious breath.

I invite you to come and deepen your practice in a safe and supportive environment, where I hope you can take a few minutes or hours out of your week to calm your mind and nurture your body.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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