Leyna Roget Brabant

Berkeley, CA
United States

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I am fluent in the language of play and bring my singing voice, a background in Mindfulness and Early Childhood Education, Next Generation Yoga for Kids certification, and oodles of creativity to my children’s yoga classes.

Children (ages 2-12) and caregivers are encouraged to strengthen their calm minds & happy hearts through fun yoga poses, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, storytelling, books, cooperative games, music, singing, and relaxation techniques.

My goal is to offer families, preschools, and libraries a collection of fun, movement-based ingredients that support everyone in growing up with a healthy body and radiant soul.

I believe that the prevalence of stress and trauma symptoms being seen in young children and childcare providers is strong feedback from our culture that families need tools for communicating compassionately, expressing emotions, releasing stress, and healing trauma.

I offer public and private classes, camp events, and caregiver playshops:
* Healthy Body, Mind & Heart: Kids Yoga Camp (ages 3-6)
* Music, Movement & Mindfulness: Preschool Enrichment Class (ages 3-6)
* Healing Through Music, Movement & Mindfulness: Camp Playshop (ages 8-13)
* Mindfulness & Intuition Development (ages 7-8)
* Youth Meditation Series (ages 9-10)
* Middle School Meditation Series (ages 11-12)
* Conscious & Compassionate Caregiving Playshop (parents, educators, nannies, healthcare practitioners)


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