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Yoga is like a flame inside you, once ignited, it will never wane. The better your practice, the stronger your inner light and love. ( Iyengar)

My name is Lia Muczenski. I was born in 1964 near Stuttgart, Germany, and lived in Berlin from 1986 to 2006. I have lived in Portugal since the beginning of 2006, working as the Manager of a Retreat Centre in the Algarve (Monte Mariposa, Tavira) until 2010. Since then I am freelance yoga teacher and massage therapist living with my partner Eduardo, now, since October 2013, in Palhais creating the guesthouse omassim.
In my twenties, I became involved with dance, movement and performance and this experience ignited my deep interest in exploring the body and heart. From 1995 to 1996, I studied Bonny Bainbridge Cohen’s Body-Mind Centering, a body work technique that beautifully combines movement and hands-on work, leading to becoming a Somatic-Movement Therapist. Furthering an interest in the psyche of humans, I received training as an Inner Child and Co-Dependency Therapist with additional training in Family Constellation (Bert Hellinger) and Somatic Experience® (Trauma Healing, Peter A. Levin) at the UTA-Institute in Cologne in 2003. During the last seven years in Germany, my work was as a counselor, organizer and member of the “Wildwasser” Association (an organization working to prevent sexual violence towards women and children and offering counseling to those who have experienced it).
Following my enthusiasm in movement, heart and presence, I have been a Yoga and Meditation practitioner for more than 18 years, working intensively with a teacher (adam bradpiece) for about 15 years, having also been trained, in 2008, as a Yoga Instructor by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel (Froglotusyoga, Massachusetts, USA) in Vinyasa-Flow Yoga - an inspiring Dance of the Asanas that combines movement and breath.
In 2011 I received my certificate as a registered Advanced Watsu® (Water Shiatsu) Professional. Watsu® is to me a dance in meditation ………, an invitation to people to be moved tenderly, leading to total relaxation, connection, stillness, spaciousness, breath and presence.

The style I am teaching is called Yoga – Vinyasa Flow. It is a gentle and vigoros practice (depending of the participants) of HathaYoga which focuses on the synchronization of the breath (prana) with the postures (asanas). It is a dance of the Asanas always in connection with breathing to calm the mind. Let the breath be your guide to liberate your mind and increase your inner peace, harmony, love and joy.

still the body
still the mind
still the voice inside
in silence
feel the stillness move
this feeling
cannot be imagined (Kabir)


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Such a great teacher!

I have now been to Omassim guesthouse twice (went for a week in August and then over a weekend in November) and can honestly say the yoga is amazing. I've never met a better teacher than Lia. She is gentle and yet makes you challenge yourself, never pushes too far, tailors the yoga classes to the students' needs in that particular moment, really theres' not one negative thing I could think of. If I ever find a teacher even half as good here in Sweden, I would be very lucky!

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Lia Muczenski by Ana Dray

I started my yoga classes with Lia some months ago and it was a really nice surprise to me! I went 20 years (or more) without practising any kind of exercise and now I feel blessed with the time we spend together. Why didn't I found Lia earlier?... My body and my mind are deeply grateful, I really appreciate the way she works and Omassim, the place where we practise. I truly recommend her to everybody! Thank you Lia to be such un important part of my new life:) I've been learning a lot with you and I hope that we can keep practising for ever and ever!
*** Namaste ***