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To my yoga teacher Liesza-Sophie Ambrosius

I would like to thank my yoga teacher Liesza-Sophie Ambrosius for teaching me yoga. She made me love yoga even more and see it from another aspect. Liesza is always calm and friendly. I love her energy and the vibes she gives to each lesson. I'm going to miss her when I will no longer live at the same place. Thank you once again and wish you the best, I hope to stay in touch!


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My yoga teacher!

I have been practicing yoga in Liesza's class for over a year now and I can honestly say, not only my practice, but my body has changed also.


To begin with, she is an excellent and very skillful yoga teacher with a great ability to make people more familiar with yoga. Her classes are just as intense as they are calm and actually very pleasant, with a high rate of success. This is because she explains every pose step by step and she always helps us make an improvement, if possible. What is more, the fact that she introduces very often new poses or some more advanced is extremely beneficial because not only can someone see the progress so far but also it is an incentive to hard work.

As for me, I admit that there is a great difference on my body which didn’t come from the other forms of exercise. Following Liesza’s practice steps I managed to improve my strength, my flexibility and the most important was that I learned to control my breath which actually reduces anxiety. Last but not least I’ve improved the upper back pains I had before while spending most of my day working in front of a personal computer.

I think that Liesza is a profound teacher but also I think she is an intelligent and kind person and I’ m sure that she will always be better than anyone else. It was a great pleasure for me to have her as my instructor and Liesza I really hope to be at your classes again 

Liesza-Sophie AmbrosiusAugust 5, 2013

Thank you for having been my student, it was a great pleasure seeing you doing Yoga, never giving up in front of any challenge!
I wish you to keep this spirit alive and only the best for your new ways in France.

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Best yoga instructor

Liesza is such an amazing yoga instructor! She gives me clear instructions,takes good care of me!! She has the perfect yoga voice! She is always positive and friendly!She has great personality! She makes me love Yoga!
I've improved my strenght,flexibility and balance! She keeps me motivated!!
I always feel so rejuvinated after her lesson!! Thank u so much Liesza!!

Thank you so much for your nice words. It's my honor teaching such a great student like you. It inspires me to see you improve with every lesson.
Thank you for letting me be your teacher!