Liezl Hoving

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I truly believe that yoga has the ability to transform your life for the better through consistent practice, no matter where you begin. A regular practice becomes your anchor, helping you let go of tension and shift your perception for a more positive outlook on life. It helps to maintain physical health and sets down the roots for peace and happiness to bloom.


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Thank You

Liezl is a wonderful, soft and kind teacher. Her classes are excellent and thank you for creating such a wonderful 'yoga space'

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a diligent and conscientious Yogini

Liezl is a patient, kind, helpful and wonderful teacher. We have presented a couple of workshops together and her insight, student interaction and knowledge are good.

Liezl HovingMarch 2, 2016
Thank you!

Thank you Sigi. That means a lot coming from you :)

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"The doctor is in session!"

This title was Liezl's laughing comment to her students when I told her she had fixed my neck problems with the previous class; someone commented that she always "hits the spot". Not only does she use her training in India and personal experience to demonstrate and describe what we should be doing and why, her quiet humour and contemplative approach make each class a spiritual experience that deepens my practice.


I'm learning new ways to approach asanas I have been doing for years, and by my own efforts, under her guidance, no longer need a chiropractor for my neck! Liezl nurtures each of her students. When she adjusts my body preparatory to shavasana, I feel like a chrysalis emerging from my cocoon, or a work of art forming from a lump of clay, or a newborn baby wrapped in the arms of the universe...

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Understanding the spiritual side of Yoga

Liezel is an excellent, patient and knowledgeable teacher. You can only benefit from being in one of her classes.

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Best Yoga in Town...

Liezl is the perfect teacher combining sensitivity, spirituality and consideration for a complete yoga experience.

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I've read somewhere that the most important part of any yoga experience is who your teacher is. I do and love yoga because Liezl is my teacher. It's as simple as that.

Joy Sasman