Ligia Lamprea-Rodriguez

Norwalk, CT
United States

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I am new to Norwalk, originally from New York City. I left the city and a career to stay at home with my now 5-year-old son. It has certainly been one of the most rewarding, and challenging, experiences in my life. Yoga has been my consistent practice outside of parenting. It helped me continue to cultivate my well-being through some of the most difficult child-rearing stages. Now, as a certified instructor in my fifties, I am ready to offer classes.

Yoga has been a vital and healthy platform for me in life. On an internal level, it has provided calmness, clarity and creativity. On a physical level, Yoga makes me feel energized, flexible and strong. For me, this was a natural progression from many years in the gym (since my twenties), and as an aerobic instructor.

For anyone searching for a single vehicle to balance their need for mindfulness with physical exercise, I am happy to offer private or small group lessons. I am also open to teaching in a studio, and to specific populations, such as people over 50, or Spanish-speakers. This summer, I taught Yoga to the children in the Youth-Fitness camp my husband and I run in Manhattan. I had a great experience working with the little ones, something I am also happy to explore!


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