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Liilamaya is a ERYT500 with 17 years of experience teaching Yoga and 8 years as a Yoga & Ayurveda therapist. Recent studies have taken her to Peru & the Himalayas in light of following her Dharma path - purpose - as well as to continue her education and growth. She is a free-lance writer and contributor for "Elephant Journal", blogger of several wellness pages where she shares her passion for health & wellness. Liilamaya is a level 3 Reiki practitioner.
Liilamaya is the Director and main facilitator of " LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda school" (registered with Yoga Alliance) specializing in Yoga Teacher Trainings, Ayurvedic Therapies & retreats in Ibiza, Mexico & Morocco. Liilamaya has studied with Vedic master, Doctor and teacher Dr. David Frawley and did her initial foundation studies in Ayurveda with Sri Sri Ayurveda - "The Art of Living" foundation at the North American Ashram located in Quebec, Canada. Her Mantra: Learn, Teach, Inspire. Namaste


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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Pure and inviting energy

I had the pleasure of practicing with Liliana in Ibiza. She is attentive and has a natural calming affect. I also shared an ayurvedic therapy with her (marma session) which was something that I struggle to find words for but one close would be mind-blowing. I hope to practice with her again some day.

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An Angel on my yogic way

What a bliss to have accomplished that beautiful journey of a yoga teacher training with you, Lili, serious when we need serious, loving when we need love, joyfull and funny when we need to laugh, devoted, integrated, caring, respectfull always. More than just a teacher, Lili is on her wonderfull mission of sharing all she knows and feels about the well-being and the happy holistic life....Sparkling source of pure prana.

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An incredible teacher

Lily is truely gifted as a teacher, she is knowledgable, sympathetic, patient, focused and fun. Thank you Guru Lily, I have leart so much from you this week, on and off the mat. Om Shanti x

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This was my very first yoga retreat....And I am a little bit smug with myself, I will tell you why......


I feel that I picked a very good one, Lilly is an amazing teacher and it was exactly the atmosphere I wanted. CHILLED and RELAXED. I absolutely love Lilly's style. It flet like she took us into her home and helped us grow as individuals, with in yoga and Ayurveda. Definitely worth going to at least once. I will go again, and I feel I could message Lilly and ask her for advice about anything. A true friend made, even though it has taken me way to long to write a review (back home and back to work :-( boo hoo)
So in short I loved it and I will go again.
I am a beginner in yoga and I could not ask for a better mor caring teacher, Lilly is amazing and very understanding to people's individual needs Xx namaste

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nice flow

There was a good balance between the movements repeated every day (which ables to progress) and the new postures proposed. Thanks to Lily, I am now able to practice alone at home.

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Liliana - a bright light!

It was an honour to witness Liliana as she facilitated her first 200 hour YTT. What a joy to see her step into her natural role...she brings love and compassion to every moment. Her students are lucky to be experiencing her as she grows and develops. The very best teachers are eternal students, and that is how I feel Lily approaches life; always learning and expanding. So beautiful.

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With all my heart - I recommend!

Lilly is an amazing teacher who is honest, experienced, dedicated and makes yoga fun. Thankful for her to help me in learning yoga thoroughly and perfectly.

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The epitome of what a yoga teacher should be!

Great instructors! Liilamaya is by far one of the talented yoga teachers i have met. She is fabulous and knows how to teach each student, undrestanding the student's strength and weakness. I seriously have nothing negative to say about her. Thanks for her teachings and

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Lily is a very experienced and passionate yoga teacher. She has a lovely energy which I find very inspiring. I can only recommend her classes!!

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Yoga Retreats with Lily

Amazing, life-changing experience every time I make time to go on one of Lily's retreats. Experienced & dedicated teacher and spiritual being who inspired me to take the yoga teacher training journey myself eventually
Do something good for yourself - you won't regret it!

Liilamaya Liliana GalvisJanuary 26, 2014
Merci Mucho Bella :-)

Thank you so much darling, it has been more than a pleasure to be part of your growing path.
See you in the mat sooner than later.
Love, bliss and Gratitude.

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Great Class Liliana!

Thanks for all of the great yoga classes over the years :)

Liilamaya Liliana GalvisJanuary 26, 2014
Gracias Chico, Super Number one Good Times!

We were there at the beginning of it all!!
What a ride.
Namaste darling and see you soon.

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Ayurvedic specialist & yoga teacher

Lila is a very warm, generous and inspiring yoga teacher. She is gentle while encouraging us to stay focused and letting us explore our limits! I would recommend her to everyone who wants to take a yoga class, attend a retreat or would like to learn about Ayurveda.
Best of luck,
Jillian xo

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Liliana the life-changer.

Liliana is simply the best. She knows how to lead a class yet remains playful and happy without losing focus. She is a superb instructor and had my friends and I in pure bliss after each class. She taught me many things and tricks that I share when I give my friends tips and tricks. She has taught me a lot about reverence and how to evolve my own practice. I'm so happy and grateful that on my path, I got a chance to meet liliana. Beautiful in every respect.

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Love her to bits. Relax in her presence.

Very knowledgeable and able to guide you through each tiny motivation to achieve more advanced postures.