Liisa Laine

Golden, BC

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Liisa believes that yoga is all about holistic wellbeing & balance of good spirits, healthy body, and piece of mind. For her it's also a passion for recreational sports, travelling and adventurous lifestyle. In other words, living a life, doing things you love and exploring new parts of the world, but especially your inner self.

Liisa is Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher (RYT200), Ski & Mountain Bike Patroller. She is from Finland, Australia is second home to her, and currently she is living and loving life in British Columbia of Canada. Liisa has studied with Satu Tuomela and Ramesh Tarun Narine, and is currently completing RYT500 with Tiffany Cruikshank, as well as planning some Yin Yoga studies with Bernie Clark in the fall 2016.

Liisa believes that overall well-being is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It's all about a balance. Balance of energies, in and around you. By energies she means everything: food you eat, thoughts you think, the environment where you spend your time, things you consume, and people with whom you interact with. Liisa thinks that this will consist of healthy self-love, mental and physical nourishment, nutrition, healthy relationships and balanced social-, love- and work life. And, the most importantly doing things in every day life you love and are passionate about.


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