Lilla Lukacs

Mallorca Baleares

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We founded “Our Yoga Mind” as a couple with the unique concept to create mindful yoga experiences on the ground (Hatha-), on the water (SUP-) and in the air (Acro Yoga). On our Hatha Yoga classes we introduce you to the traditional practice of yoga where we work with asanas (postures), breathing techniques and meditation. As Hatha refers to the duality of "ha"= sun (masculine, active, hot energy) and "tha"=moon (feminine, receptive, cool energy), we create a union when we teach together. Lilla (also a certified psychologist) brings more softness to the classes and will help you to work on your flexibility, while Peter (also a personal trainer) will guide you how to build up strength. On the top of that both of us will assist you with hands-on adjustments to find the correct alignment and to feel the biggest benefits of the postures.

We would love to invite you to create a more conscious and healthier lifestyle together while we are sharing our powerful female and male energies, empathy, tolerance, humour, balance and tranquillity with you. All that in one class where our teaching styles are also inspired by our travel experiences throughout India, Bali and Thailand. We are looking forward to welcoming you on the mat and leading you towards the best version of yourself!


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