Lilli Markle

Astoria, OR
United States

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Lilli Markle, from Ontario, Canada, has been practicing yoga for over 6 years. A registered Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga Teacher and certified Thai-Yoga Massage Therapist by trade, and artist by nature, she hopes to empower her students through awareness of the self and of life’s changing tides, encouraging them to connect deeply to their own creative expression. Under Lilli’s guidance, you will find yourself in a light-hearted, yet grounded electric vinyasa/hatha flow with emphasis on the breath, or a customized guided meditation based on your desired energetic outcome, as well as other yogic techniques that will leave you feeling open, balanced, calm, and inspired.

Lilli’s fascination with the human body manifested before the age of 2, when she began to crawl in the form of downward dog. She thrived as a competitive dancer in the styles of ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop, representing team Canada in 2007 under the disciplined method of the Royal Academy of Dance. During her studies of Arts & Business at the University of Waterloo, Lilli struggled to find balance in her life. Looking for an outlet in the form of a rigorous workout and some relaxation, she instead found herself in a candle-lit Moksha yoga class and was forced to confront the challenges and obstacles of her mind combined with the softening and surrender of her body which had been shaped by the discipline and structure of ballet. Now, living in New York City, the first community (or Sangha) she found was in the theater and the yoga studio. These sanghas provided empowerment and inspiration amongst the daily grind of “making it” in New York City.

As a cultural manager for arts-related nonprofits, playwright, poet, spoken word artist, model, and dancer, Lilli attributes her most inspired and creative moments to a relaxed mind and the kind of love the Beatles sing about. She believes that asana, the physical yoga practice, can open up the lines of energy already flowing, and often blocked, in the body, making room for the intuitive or creative energy. The energy may take the shape of artistic expression, whether that means writing a novel, composing a jingle, honing your improv skills, or even communicating an idea to a coworker. Most of us all tend to have hyper-active minds, and set high expectations for ourselves, which can create unnecessary stress and hinder the creative and healing process which is necessary for achieving a balanced lifestyle. By introducing other yogic techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises, students under Lilli’s guidance will be able to:

heal themselves and achieve their mind-body goals
discover their intuitive place
release their attachments to the results of their work
refine and nurture their senses and artistic skills
access deep places of the psyche or consciousness
develop a unique creative ritual fostering free-flowing creative expression.

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