Lily Bates

jupiter, FL
United States

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Ola, I'm Lily Bates. I have 23 years. I graduated Florida State University with a degree in Business. I grew up in Jupiter, a small town on the East Coast of Florida. I feel deeply rooted to mother earth because of my uprising surrounded by love and the ocean. I am grateful to be the woman I am today because of this little town. I have a curious soul, that guides my choices to new cultures, experiences, and languages. Travel is my passion. It lead me to Florianopolis, Brazil, where I completed my 200 RYT at Hot Yoga Brasil in June 2015. I moved back to Juptier, Florida after my completion and continue to practice everyday.

Yoga is a tool for gaining perspective on my self, my habits, my happiness, and my soul. Yoga is a tool for being my true self and loving that true self. Yoga is a journey of practice to discover the knowledge inside of me and accept the knowledge inside others. Yoga is part of my daily life, physically and mentally. Yoga is awareness that my viewpoint is only one viewpoint in a big pool of viewpoints.

Yoga is good and positive energy. It's that energy I like to be aware of and bring to the mat when I am teaching the Sol Hot Yoga class. A sequence of fluid Hot Yoga for beginners and intermediate yoginis, where we work to achieve a meditative state of moving with our breath to understand and put the body in its best place. The sequence is mix of flowing asanas from all types of yoga aimed to detoxify the body, open the chakra channels, and stabilize flow of energy in the body allowing prana to enter and apana to exit. I teach with love, encouraging my students to try to new things while always respecting their body. Leaving you feeling light, energized, and happy.



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