Lina Charitou


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Lina Charitou started her yoga practice almost 10 years ago and she instantly fell in love with Iyengar yoga.
Working for more than 15 years as a fashion designer to big greek Companies through the yoga practice she could gain back the physical stability and the Peace of mind that she needed it!
It was 4 years after in 2008 that her beloved teacher ( Pavlou) recommended her to follow the Iyengar's Teachers training held by the UK Iyengar yoga institute in Athens and after 3 years of intense studies, under the strict instructions of Ms Penny Chaplin (one of the best Iyengar yoga teachers worldwide trained only by Iyengar himself), she passed both levels of her exams succesfully .
Since 2011 she continues to attend intermediate classes in order to improve her personal practice and to be a better teacher for her students.
Since 2010 Lina Charitou runs the Sattva yoga studio in Gazi area .

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