Lina Vallejo

Miami, FL
United States

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Lina is a gifted and refined yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga and teaching for over 10 years. She began studying all forms of Hatha yoga, and received a certificate specializing in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. She later directed her studies in Anusara, and was an inspired-Anusara teacher before the creation of Skanda Yoga. Now she pursues the evolution of Skanda with Ken von Roenn III, and is the owner of Skanda Yoga Studio in Miami, Florida. Lina combines her vast knowledge of many diverse spiritual traditions with the playful art of yoga asana. Lina classes will guide you through a strong, challenging practice, with spiritually inspiring instructions. She is a transformational healer and life coach, that is committed to healing through asana, nutrition, detox, numerology, iridology, and Thai massage. Lina is primarily available for private lessons and life coaching.


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