Linda Churchill

Cornish, NH
United States
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71 year old Gentle Yoga teacher. E-RYT 200 I teach yoga (since 2011) for Every Body, young, old and in between. Classes are varied in size but constant in design, meant for the person on the mat not the textbook. My yoga teaching career began as a sign from the universe at a turning point of my life, opened to a full and satisfying career which brings solace to heart and mind with each My students are my greatest teachers and biggest support always encouraging, promoting, and supporting my methods. I am blessed and proud to be teaching. It is some of the best work I have ever


Average: 4.5 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Love Linda's Class

I love coming to Linda's class. I feel so accepted and at peace. And the savasana at the end is the best! I enjoy the pacing and her calm demeanor.

Linda ChurchillMay 18, 2015

the savasana I hear is like the dessert after a fine meal that YOU have prepared...thanks for the kind words. I carry them with me each day.

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Linda Churchill

I thoroughly enjoy Linda's Hatha Yoga Class. She is very calming and gentle, but keeps us moving, stretching and strengthening through the entire class.. Oh yea, and the focus on Balance does wonders for me. Thanks Linda!

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My favorite yoga teacher

Linda Churchill is a beautiful spirit whom I am grateful to have had as a yoga teacher. She is gentle, kind, loving and always reminds us, no judgement, no comparison. She will ask the class what we want to work on, and then she guides us through a wonderful class. Her classes are always varied with so many different poses that it is a joy to go to her class each and every time.

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Kind hearted yogini

Linda is a wonderful yoga instructor. She is kind, soft spoken and really knows her stuff. I have seen her instructor a multi-level group of yoga participants with no trouble at all. When you want a slow, peaceful practice, Linda delivers.

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A delight to have as a teacher!

Linda adjust her teaching to the levels of each student, providing individual guidance based on each pupil's strengths and needs. She's thoughtful, dedicated to her own practice and fun to be with

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Wonderful teacher!!

I can't seem to get the sliders to work :( but I can still write!
Linda is a wonderful yoga instructor. She was my introduction to yoga a number of years ago and I have been hooked ever since. She is wonderful with beginners and equally skilled at keeping you progressing in your practice after you master the basics. Linda maintains a good balance between the body and mind aspects of yoga. Her knowledge of yoga is top notch, her instruction is clear and easy to follow and in addition she has the PERFECT personality to complete the package. If you have a chance to go to her classes jump at the opportunity!

Linda ChurchillMay 18, 2015

Thanks so much Cindy, it is wonderful that you share the journey of yoga with me as we both continue to practice and grow.

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My "Yoga doctor" and best Yoga teacher I have ever had!

I would like to share with all of you about my wonderful find, my Yoga teacher, Linda Churchill. I call her my "yoga doctor" since she cured my migraine/headaches, my shoulder pain and now we are working on my sciatica. Every class is unique and every time I get so much information about proper breathing, muscle strengthening, relaxation, etc. She is very experienced and has a lot of information that she shares with us. There is something about her voice; the way she talks and what she says makes me calm and relaxed. Every class ends with a relaxation time, lavender eye pillow provided by Linda and amazing neck massage. You must go to her class or private session. She is best of the best!

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Relaxing yoga teacher

Always look forward to Linda's class, a soothing yet gentle workout targeting specific areas. Linda is in tune with how her class is experiencing her yoga practice.

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Gentle, Restorative, Compassionate!

Linda is a wonderful teacher. I have had the pleasure of taking classes from her as well as subbing classes of hers. Her students are very committed to her, as if she to them!

Linda ChurchillMay 11, 2015

Thank you for your kind is a pleasure to be and serve in Yoga with you>

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Linda Churchill Review

Whenever I am in town, I always try to make it to Linda's yoga class. It is very beneficial both physically and spiritually. We are very fortunate to have Linda teach yoga at our club.

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Linda is wonderful!

Linda Churchill leads Gentle Yoga classes which take into consideration everyone's condition yet provides challenges for those who are ready. She seamlessly incorporates new comers and advanced students into her classes. Her caring and humor put us at ease. She is wonderful!