Linda Dewey

Woodland Park, CO
United States

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I believe everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga should be physically accessible to people of all body types, fitness levels and ages. It is fun and rewarding to see personal physical improvement and be able to accomplish a pose, but yoga is much more than that. When yoga combines the physical pose (asana), breath work (pranyama) and meditation, it can bring you to a calm inner awareness and strength.

I especially want to work with you if you have heard of the benefits of yoga, if you are curious about it, but think you can't do yoga. My training as a special educator taught me to break activities into small steps. I am eager to adapt that skill to yoga to help you find and make the adjustments needed for your own personal yoga practice.

I offer public classes, small group or private instruction to all ages, physical abilities and levels in the
Deckers/Woodland Park area of Colorado.


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