Linda Karl

Batavia, IL
United States
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I’ve been called a maverick, an innovator, and a facilitator of deep healing. Seeking a paradigm shift in the local Yoga scene, I take students beyond asana into the deeper dimensions of traditional Yoga. I teach “mindful yoga“, a vehicle for transformation. I believe authentic Yoga is not just what you do on the mat but is a lifestyle.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Linda Karl is a true guru

Linda Karl had a unique approach to adapting yoga for me. I probably have more limitations (ankle fusion & hip replacement) than most. Linda showed me easy techniques like putting a yoga blanket under my ankle to help me position myself in a more comfortable way. She encouraged me to do what my body could do and helped me have confidence that I could do yoga again. I definitely recommend yoga with Linda and especially a one-on-one with her to truly get a customized yoga experience with a true yoga guru.

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Yoga is a way of life for Linda Karl

Linda lives yoga in all aspects of her life. Which translates into a powerful experience on the mat…weather you are a beginner or an experienced yoga student. Linda is constantly building on her extensive knowledge by seeking out continuing education with masters in the field in this country and India. All of this makes her a healing force, ready to meet people wherever they are on their path and guide them to their highest good.


I find her classes varied and rich. They are never the same (which I thrive on) and she is able to tailor a class to the specific needs of the bodies in the space that day, I love how she is able to do deep, healing work with what seems like not much effort. After a class with Linda, you know something has shifted at a deeper level.

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The Linda Connection

I felt connected to Linda immediately ,and that was 8 years ago. Linda teaches and your body just listens. She explains what you should be feeling ,and how to adjust when something doesn't feel quite right. I always feel safe when I am in Linda's class. I know I am in good hands and I carry her practice with me daily.

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Why do people search out a yoga instructor? I was looking for a way to relax and de-stress. I am not a exercise nut, I am not runner/jogger, but I knew that I needed to make a change in my life. I can't tell you how long I have been taking classes with Linda, its been several years but seems like yesterday when I signed up for my first class. Linda not only teaches yoga but she lives it each and every day of her life. Her experience and continued education keep her classes fresh and she shares her knowledge with her students. She is an inspiration and a mentor to me.

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Review of Linda Karl

Linda Karl has a healer's approach to teaching yoga. She is well- versed in therapeutic yoga techniques for a broad array of physical and emotional conditions. She has studied extensively here in the U.S. and in India, studying with many great masters over the years. Linda is passionate about all aspects of yoga--the physical as well as the spiritual--and is always growing, learning and evolving, readying herself so she can help guide her students further on their individual paths.

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Patient & Kind

I met Linda for the first time a few weeks ago at a yoga retreat she was kind enough to allow me to join. I found Linda to be very knowledgeable, encouraging, kind and approachable. Linda's retreat was a pure joy!

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An inspiring Yoga instructor!

I took a Yoga session with Linda Karl and was enlightened. She not only allows you to explore your own spiritual journey but she also educates you to be open minded about the process. Mind, body, spirit connection is what she taught me and is something I strive for. Linda is friendly, experienced, approachable, and knowledgeable. Loved taking her class!

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Yoga Jewel of the Midwest

Do you ever wonder when or how your life took a certain path? My life began a journey that slowed it down and I believe actually saved it over 12 years ago. I was one of those people who worked 70+ hours a week and lived and breathed my job. I knew that wasn’t good and decided to take a yoga class with my friend who had just started reading a yoga for dummies book. That class was with Linda Karl and I don’t hesitate when I say please look no further for the real yoga experience.


Linda’s drive to further her own practice, knowledge and training is astonishing. She has trained and taught multi-internationally and brings those experiences to us every week. Our practices are never the same and after 12 years I still marvel at how she can possibly keep them so varied. The classes excellently flow and include all of the integral parts of the real practice. Please take Linda’s yoga path and your life will be improved forever too.

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Movement and more

I consider myself lucky that my first yoga class was taught by Linda Karl. At the time I knew practically nothing about yoga and never fancied myself as anything close to being flexible. As it turned out, that didn't matter. Linda teaches yoga as the multi-faceted discipline that it is and helps her students be the best they can be.


Twelve years later, I'm still her student and still learning something new in each and every class. Linda continues to update her already considerable skills by attending numerous yoga workshops and making annual trips to India to study with yoga masters. She passes that information on to her students through classes, workshops and other programs. Yoga, as she presents it, is more than physical movement. It's the foundation of a healthy lifestyle that benefits the mind, body and spirit. Her classes are for those who want to delve deeply into yoga and benefit from all it has to offer.