Linda O Grady

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I am a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Therapist and Wellness Coach, with 18 year’s experience in holistic health (nutrition, herbal medicine, bodywork) and Yoga.

I have over 500 yoga teacher training hours, 4,500 teaching hours. I am blessed to have trained with many respected senior teachers of Iyengar, Asthanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

I continue to train under the instruction of my current teacher David Curtis of Vinyasa Yoga Ireland, who is a dedicated student of his teacher Zhander Remete (the founder of Shadow Yoga-Nrtta Sadhana).

I am the owner of Sadhana Yoga, (sadhana meaning practice or discipline) and I teach classical Hatha Yoga using the Vinyasa krama system.

The true meaning of the word Hatha is “force’ or ‘effort’, Vinyasa meaning “placement’ or ‘step-by-step’. The ‘effort’ refers to the requirements for us to move past our challenges (physical and mental) in order to develop and grow.

"It is not your history, but your presence on your mat that matters"
Sri K Pattabhi Jois

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