Lindsay Gurley

Aspen, CO
United States

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I am a passionate adventurer, educator, and leader that strives to deeply connect individuals with their true selves, wilderness, and others. I work to create purpose, courage and confidence, and to promote a positive relationship with the environment and the world. Supporting others in creating the life they truly desire aligned with personal growth, deep inner work, wilderness, and adventure is what excites me.

As a Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and lifelong Adventure Seeker, I created Raw & Real Retreats from the joy and knowledge I have gained through my personal backcountry experiences, leadership trainings, yoga workshops, and my own deep personal work. Raw & Real Retreats are a conduit to explore the unknown, in the wilderness or your own life, the Retreat is an experience to relax and renew, to get dirty and play, to discover what you really want and how to bring a better self into fruition.

I want to support your discovery and inspire you to dive into the depths of yourself. To get vulnerable and see what the future holds. With me, you will step past limiting beliefs and barriers and find where your next real adventure lies.


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