Lindsay Leighton

East Hampstead, NH
United States

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Hi, I am Lindsay Leighton, founder of Ignite Yoga Studio. I have a passion for yoga, health and fitness and I am here to share that passion with you. I am a high energy person who started practicing yoga and found what felt like the missing piece of me. Yoga has built more than physical strength and flexibity, it has helped me calm the chaos of my mind and discover my inner power!
If I am not at the studio, I am either out with my Pup, running errands with my mom at TJMaxx, at my husband's automotive garage, or dashing from one activity to the next with my daughter. Life can be hectic at times, but there is an endless amount of peace and joy available to us all when we take the time to seek it. The way I see it, we are all on a journey to create joy and find balance in our lives, and my job is to help you along the journey.


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