Lindsay + Maya RAW Sports Yoga

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Lindsay and Maya (L+M), two of Los Angeles’ most sought after yoga coaches have teamed up to bring you RAW Sports Yoga. Raw Sports Yoga is a back to basics, no frills, stripped down approach to yoga that will take any athlete to the next level of performance in their position and sport.

This is not your typical yoga program. L+M’s background working with strength + conditioning coaches, physical therapists, and the athletes themselves has cultivated a program designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries, rebalance the body and enhance flexibility and focus.

L+M study the body as a whole; identifying imbalances that could detract from an athlete’s overall power or lead to injuries. From this perspective they create carefully tailored yoga sessions to address an athlete’s individual needs in order to optimize their physical ability, mental focus, and longevity in their position.

Over the years, their unique approach has augmented the traditional training of local athletic teams from various sports including the Los Angeles Clippers, many UCLA Bruin squads, internationally recognized equestrians, MLB + NBA draft players, and numerous professional and Olympic athletes.


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