Lisa Ackerman

Napa, CA
United States

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My objective as a yoga teacher is to help students of all levels develop their own relationship with their practice as the needs arise. One day it’s physical, the next emotional, spiritual or intellectual. I enjoy creating and holding a healing space for my students that welcomes more than just asana and the physical benefits. Our yoga practice may hold the key for our total well-being and as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali tell us: Yoga is the control of the fluctuations of the mind, and once we control the mind, there is nothing in this world that can bind us.
I teach mainly Vinyasa Yoga. This is a flow-based yoga linking breathing with yoga postures. What this means to me is not just linking the asanas with conscious breathing, but linking them with the intention with which you practice the asanas. This intention is what links the postures with consciousness instead of unconsciousness. My teaching style is inspired by Jivamukti and Ashtanga. What this means is a focus on the breath, bandhas (energy locks), dristi (gaze or focal point), intention and a lot of verbal cueing and hands on assisting to help deepen your practice.


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