Lisa Balsdon

Bowmanville, ON
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Lisa earned a diploma from Seneca College in Fitness Leadership as well as a second Diploma in Recreation and Leisure from Centennial College. Upon graduating Lisa quickly moved into the position of Fitness Supervisor with the City Of Pickering. Her passion for intense fitness training led her to the Department of National Defense as a Military Fitness Instructor. Upon leaving the military, Lisa moved into a variety of roles in the fitness and health industry including Fitness and Recreation Director of a large, Toronto based community recreation centre and a top personal trainer with one of Canada’s leading fitness club chains. After gaining a loyal client following in Durham and Clarington, Lisa founded Live in Motion in 2005.

Lisa has continued her education by graduating with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto as well as various other courses and workshops.

Lisa studied her RYT 250 in Toronto with Maureen Rae, and has continued her studies with Anna of Dvanna Yoga in Puerto Vallarta. Lisa continues to teach her clients and students in group settings and one on one in Durham Region and Clarington.

Lisa has previously appeared on Skin Deep, is a regular guest on Rogers TV and has contributed to several fitness and health publications.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yes, big guys can do yoga too.

Speaking as a large and not very flexible guy, I was pretty intimidated before my first yoga class. Would I be the only guy? Do you have to wear tight fitting yoga clothes? Do I have to be really bendy and flexible in order to go to a yoga class?


The answer to all of those questions is no. Lisa's classes are fun and she creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and encourages you to challenge yourself only when you feel ready. I would strongly encourage anyone at any fitness level to try one of Lisa's classes. Yoga is a great way to improve your fitness and flexibility, while leaving the stress of daily life far behind you. I get my best nights sleep after one of Lisa's classes and feel very relaxed the rest of the week. I'm hooked on yoga thanks to Lisa!

Lisa BalsdonSeptember 19, 2013
Yes they can!!!

Thanks Phil, I am so happy I have inspired you to love yoga! I am especially happy that I have had the opportunity to work with you in class and see your progress. Keep up practising!!!

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Excellent Adventures in Yoga!

I began yoga classes with Lisa about 18 months ago with some nervousness and trepidation. I am now a devoted follower and it is entirely due to the nature of Lisa's teaching. She has a thorough knowledge of her craft and how to teach it in an inviting, safe, friendly, and calm manner. I feel that yoga has increased my strength but more importantly, my flexibility and range of movement. The classes are taught in such a way that I feel calmer and more focused. I love yoga thanks to Lisa.

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Best Yoga Class!

Lisa is an excellent instructor and made me fall in love with yoga. So relaxing and enjoyable. She takes the time to make sure you are doing the movements properly which was very much appreciated. I would never go to anyone else for yoga :)

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Five short months ago I began my journey into yoga practice and I couldn't be happier with my experience with Lisa. I was nervous at first however Lisa immediately made me feel 100% comfortable. She easily modifies the more advanced poses and offers helpful and subtle body corrections while in poses.


Her classes are fluid and contain variety from class to class which has helped improve my strength and I love that she encourages me to challenge myself and work with my edge in each class. Lisa has shown me that yoga can be used not only to improve body strength but mental strength as well. With her guided meditations at the beginning of each class and time for self meditation at the end, I always leave her class feeling lighter, focused and genuinely happy.

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I have taken many of Lisa's yoga classes and enjoyed them completely.She has an amazing knowledge of the body which she uses during her yoga classes to calmly and clearly guide you into the correct position. She gets to know the strengths and needs of everyone in her classes and offers level specific adjustments to the positions so that everyone gets the most out of each class. I found the classes to be very relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recomended.

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My First Yoga Classes

I was gifted a series of classes last fall, really enjoyed them, & when I finished my golf season with 81, 78, 79, 77 Dec 3-17, in Ontario CA (that's Canada, not California!) I immediately signed up for the next series. Have had a 77 & 76 already this season, and feel in way better balance, especially off the tee. Lisa makes everyone feel welcome, yet manages to include personal advice & instruction, which meant a lot to me, as a beginner.
She is the ideal combination of pleasant and professional, IMHO.

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Awesome instructor!

Lisa's classes are great no matter what your level. They always leave me filling relaxed and at peace

Lisa BalsdonJuly 13, 2013
Awesome Instructor!

Thanks Leilah, it's always a pleasure teaching someone who is so eager to learn and take what they can! Thanks for the comments.