Lisa Barelli

Astoria, NY
United States

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Lisa has practiced yoga in New York City most of her adult life and began teaching in 2010 after training in both the physical practice and meditation at the World Yoga Center on the Upper West Side for many years.

Lisa is certified by the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level and has continuing education credits in anatomy and yoga alignment and prenatal/postnatal yoga. With a full time job in book publishing and a young daughter at home, she relies on her yoga practice, including teaching, to navigate life in this city. Lisa endeavors to create a nurturing environment in all her classes, both in the precision of her alignment instructions and the care with which she addresses her students' inner experience. Teaching allows her to actively and regularly engage with the light of Awareness that lives in all of us, and for this, she expresses deep gratitude, for all her teachers, in all their forms.


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