Lisa Bortolotto/Kurma Yoga

Grand Cayman, George Town
Cayman Islands

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Born in Toronto, Canada I discovered yoga while living in the Cayman Islands over 15 years ago. I am a devoted practitioner of the traditional Ashtanga method practicing almost every day. Feeling the need to share the message that transformed my life, I began to deeply study the fascinating layers and intricacies of the Ashtanga Yoga method. Through my passion for the practice I became a certified Yoga Alliance teacher in Mysore, India in the practice of Ashtanga. I studied under great teachers such as Manju Pattabhi Jois and Ramesh Sheety. I firmly believe that in order for the practice to take full effect, the student must cultivate a balance between “focused effort”(Tapas) and the “discriminative wisdom”(Viveka Khyatih) to know when to surrender.


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