Lisa Brush

Many, LA
United States

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Hello, My name is Lisa Brush and I am a yoga instructor in the Sabine County of Many, Louisiana. I began teaching yoga 5 years ago in Texas and received my certification at Rice University.
I first began yoga because of an injury that caused a collapsed diaphragm with only a 50% breathing capacity. Through prayer and yoga, I began to feel better, then after another evaluation I was told that the diaphragm had completely returned to normal! My breathing is at 100% WOW! this was great news, especially after being told that only surgery, pain pills, and a fat chance might help.

This is why I teach a christian yoga stretch class. I have taught many with different health conditions and seen how christian prayers and yoga stretches have benefited. I enjoy watching new students overcome their fears, their doubts, and their illnesses because of this.
I will continue to teach as a yoga instructor the yoga yoga poses and yoga breathing ... But, as a believer in Christ and a believer in the power of prayer I will always start and end every class with gratitude for the healing. I am very privileged and honored to do what I feel I have been called to do.


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