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I began as a volunteer yoga instructor. My volunteer work began at a Community Center with seniors. Most were unable to get on the floor, at first. Without exception, my students have reported feeling healthier than ever, even with just the once a week class.

Each class that I teach is different, but all include a wide variety of rotations and poses as well as a guided meditation.

I am currently a YTT 500 hour level equivalent instructor.

After years of studying and practicing every type of yoga imaginable, I want to share the healing I've witnessed and personally experienced with others. My daily practice includes elements of Dahn, Bikram, Restorative, Yin, Power and Vinyasa Flow.

Because yoga is a passion of mine, I study and read voraciously about it. My class time (time with other instructors) exceeds well over 1,000 hours. I am certified in yoga teaching, meditation, brain health and have taken a plethora of holistic healing courses. My continuing education is ongoing.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

16 Reviews

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True healer

Lisa shares many valuable today bits that resonate with you throughout the day. Yoga has helped me to regain balance after a stroke. And Lisa has you go at your Own pace. Enjoyed the aqua class on the board in the pool. Her spiritual well being and knowledge comes alive in the scenes class Great teacher: I feel like her classes were the best I’ve ever had.

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Thank you Lisa!

I had the pleasure of taking a group class with Lisa. Our group had various levels of experience and she was able to provide modifications for all of the stretches/poses. Prior to taking the class, I had been going through some tough times, which left me feeling anxious and drained. I left her class feeling energized, more centered and clear-minded. I would recommend her class to anyone. Thank you again Lisa!

Lisa ChristopherJanuary 22, 2019

Thank you Kimmy! It was a pleasure meeting you.

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Wonderful for beginners!

Lisa came all the way out to the West Valley to teach Yoga to a group of students who had never experienced it before. Her style was gentle and inclusive of all ages and body types. She suggested modifications for postures based on each person's experience and physical ability, and never lost sight of the mental and spiritual, and not merely physical, aspects of yoga. We all felt enriched by her practice!

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I have lived in Fountain Hills for over 17 years, am 75 years young and have just been introduced to Yoga classes sponsored by the Fountain Hills Library, providing residents of all ages the opportunity to take Yoga Classes through a gifted teacher, Lisa Christopher. I bow in appreciation to Lisa for her kindness, consideration, skills and empathy in teaching students of all ages the healing art of Yoga through a variety of soothing poses as our Yoga Teacher.

Throughout my 17 years as a resident, Fountain Hills has always provided enriching programs and classes to all fortunate residents living in this beautiful Town.

Lisa's classes bring to students, balance, creativity, grace, good health, relaxation, life's energy through the use of Yoga into our lives. I am forever grateful to the Fountain Hills Library for allowing Lisa Christopher to present her Yoga classes to the residents of Fountain Hills, through the Town Library for the months of February, March, April 2017.

As a long-time resident of this beautiful town, It is my recommendation and hope that the Fountain Hills Town Hall will add Lisa Christopher's Yoga Classes to the list of valuable opportunities provided by the Town to all residents, men, women and children for their enrichment and continuing good health.

Please present Lisa Christopher's credentials and desire to the Town for consideration in adding her valuable skills to the list of opportunities available to all residents for this year and in the future; all classes to be added to the presentation roster at our Community Center.

Charlene D. Selesnick
17348 East Cassidy Court
Fountain Hills, AZ., 85268
e-mail: miracle1@sitestar.net

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The Best yoga teacher I've ever experienced!

I have taken different types of yoga classes over the past 20 years and I can say that Lisa is the best instructor that I've ever had. There is something almost magical about her class. She includes a balanced mix that is relaxing and yet invigorating. I leave the class feeling as if I'd had a full body massage! Her demeanor is so welcoming, there's not a bit of arrogance about her. I'm so thankful that I've found her!!

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The perfect instructor for a beginner

Lisa's enthusiasm for yoga is contagious. She is living proof of the benefits of yoga. As a beginner, I really appreciated Lisa's encouragement and instruction as we proceeded through the class.

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Very good

Provides alternatives for poses based on ability level, explains benefits of poses and how to get into and out of them.

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Love this Class!

I took my first yoga class with Lisa and now I’m hooked. I’ve been in this class for over a year. I look forward to going every week. Lisa is very helpful and encouraging. She makes every class interesting and fun. I have greatly improved my flexibility and balance with her guidance. Thank you Lisa!

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I am a fan of Lisa's Yoga style!

There are many reasons I have enjoyed Lisa's classes over the past year. When people ask me what kind of yoga we are doing, I smiling say, old people's yoga. This is meant with the greatest of affection because for me, this is how I need my practice to progress.
We always begin by spending time lighting up our second chakra. This is where I believe all perfect movement begins so I appreciate the time we spend igniting it.


Then we twist, tap and locate the restrictions we find so that we can direct our focus towards those areas throughout the session.
Each week we vary our poses, lengthening and strengthening are intermingled. All without pressure to do more, better. I have often heard Lisa say, if you are feeling the stretch, then that's what is fine for you. I also appreciate Lisa's poses so I can glance up and see where I can go if I continue my practice.
We spend the first 50 minutes twisting all the bad, accumulated junk from daily life out. Then we end each session with a short guided meditation inviting good healing energy and light back in. It is always a pleasant refreshing way to leave class.
I would recommend Lisa's classes to anyone, new or experienced to come join our happy group. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you have an open mind and heart. Blessings to you all for reading this. And to Lisa, you are an asset to my journey each week and I look forward to being in your presence. Namaste.

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Yoga makes me feel GREAT!

Lisa's yoga classes are for anyone at any stage of fitness or wellness. We have had seniors sitting in a chair, kids as young as 4, and everyone in between. Some of the seniors progressed from a chair to standing to floor work. Lisa knows the needs of each student and adapts her moves to fit their needs.

Yoga is the hardest easiest exercise you'll ever do. Lisa will guide you safely to better health, less stress, and an improved attitude. Works for me!

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Lisa The Yoda of Yoga

Lisa is very helpful and keeps her sessions on track. She is pleasant to be around and demonstrates a knowledge of the yoga positions. I find her to be very helpful and interested in me as a person.

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Top recommendation for the Yoga classes of Lisa Christopher

Lisa is a patient teacher and very quick to adapt her session to the students who happen to attend each session. At the end of the session I feel so much happier, relaxed and in a 'better place (in the now!)" than when I entered the session. I did not have any experience with yoga before Lisa's introduction to it for me. Lisa also is able to show/suggest more difficult poses for those more experienced in the class. I highly recommend her sessions which are true gifts to her students. Thank you Lisa!

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Dedicated, inspiring teacher!

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Got me back into yoga with a new-found zest and zeal

"Sensei Lisa" introduced me to her style of yoga that incorporates moves I knew from my "younger" days with moves and poses better suited for my body these days. I've a new-found interest in yoga again due to Lisa. She is fun, light-hearted, upbeat and enjoys sharing things she's learned about all things yoga, meditation and well-being and health. Thanks for teaching our group in GB Lisa! We love you!

Lisa ChristopherOctober 30, 2014
The student becomes the sensei...

Chris, your yoga practice from your "younger" days has served you well. You are very flexible and daring about trying new poses. Your thirst for knowledge is something we have in common. A HUGE THANK YOU for teaching the Epiphany class when I am unable. Namaste.

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Love her approach!

Lisa keeps it fresh with a new routine every week to work different parts of the body and mind for all skill levels. She does a fantastic job explaining how each pose benefits you while keeping your focus inward. I always look forward to going to Lisa's class.

Lisa ChristopherOctober 30, 2014
Thanks Cathy

You are a wonderful addition of positive energy to our class. Your kindness and sensitivity towards others is evident. We always look forward to seeing you in class as well. Thanks for your kind words. Namaste.

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Great classes

I don't know if I would be doing yoga regularly if it weren't for Lisa. She takes instruction very seriously but does it with humor and compassion. In the 6 months since I have been going to her classes, I have become so much stronger and limber....not easy for a 57 year old who had a desk job. If you get a chance, go to her free class every Thursday at 11:30 at Trinity Episcopal Church at 3rd Ave and Roossevelt.

Lisa ChristopherOctober 29, 2014
Thanks Patty.

Patty is an excellent student. Her first class was one-on-one outside in her backyard. She had never done yoga before so I started with the basics. Usually students say the first few weeks are very mechanical versus spiritual. Patty, however, reached that deep inner connection immediately. It was a truly moving experience and I'm honored to have been there with her. Her enthusiasm in our group class is contagious. We're grateful to have her in the class.