Lisa Corine von Koch

Denver, CO
United States

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Lisa Corine von Koch is a yogi and an artist, who brings creativity, energy and passion to both art and yoga, which is reflected directly into her teaching style. She discovered yoga in 2006, while attending graduate school in Tempe, AZ. Three practices a week quickly became four, then five, until finally it evolved into a daily practice as the healing and empowering effects of yoga began to transform her body and mind. She is primarily influenced by Astanga Yoga, Sivananda and Vinyasa Flow, and incorporates a dance-inspired, energetic and challenging spontaneity into her classes. Her love of yoga led her to India, where she studied Kundalini Yoga with Master Guru Dr. Atre of the Yoga Jeevana Kendra in Bangalore, and Master Yogi Satosh Kumar of Yoga Darshanam in Mysore.

“I believe that the body is an instrument that can be finely tuned to still the mind, heal the body and bring peace into your life. I integrate asana and pranayama, with emphasis on stimulating the chakras for the greatest effects towards cultivating awareness and discovering the connection to your greatest self. It is my belief that we are all our own best teachers. ”

Lisa Corine von Koch has taught yoga in Arizona, Vermont and Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah, and a Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. She has taught classes in Drawing and Design at Bloomsburg University, Phoenix College, Mesa Community College and Arizona State University.


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