Lisa Day

Jupiter, FL
United States

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I wasn't a graceful child. I played sports but I wouldn't go so far as to say I was good at them. I went to the gym to "stay in shape" but never really enjoyed it. So how did I end up teaching movement?

Pain. Specifically the pain from multiple neck, back and shoulder injuries (a car accident, sports injuries, and concussions among them), worsened by long work days at a desk. First it brought me to tears and then to Pilates. After years of working with one specialist after another and trying seemingly everything else with little success, I was amazed at how quickly I not only found relief from pain but so many additional benefits: I built strength, toned and reshaped my body, improved my coordination and posture (growing almost a full inch due to spine decompression), and regained a sense of ease and delight in my body.

Finding Forrest Yoga was a serendipitous accident and the next major step on my healing journey. It was HARD and yet I felt refreshed and relaxed in my body after class, not tweaky or overstretched the way I had after some other yoga classes. It taught me that I can sweat (and sometimes shake) without strain and do it all with a relaxed neck. Above all though, it gave me a safe space to breathe, feel and connect to myself without judgement. The intent of Forrest Yoga, "Go Deeper," continues to challenge me to question the limiting and sometimes cruel ways I talk to myself, to honor my inner wisdom and deepen my relationship with my spirit to build the life I most desire.

Having experienced the possibility of moving without pain first-hand, I now delight in curiously exploring new ways of moving with my students. My teaching is based on supporting and empowering each individual with the knowledge, tools and felt experience to bring new aliveness to their body and sparkle to their spirit.

When not teaching, you'll most likely find me on the beach, a paddle board, or chasing new adventures.


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