Lisa Fairclough

United Kingdom

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Twelve years ago, Lisa’s passion for understanding the physical body, lead to her embarking on an intense training course to be a Personal Trainer.

Lisa grew her knowledge each year in the field of exercise and wellbeing, until 8 years ago, when looking for something to compliment the intensity of her other training, she discovered Yoga.

This was a real turning point for Lisa. She found that not only could she train harder, but she could also recover quicker. Her body felt so much better and she loved tapping into the spiritual side that came with Yoga. Until Lisa found Yoga, it was like there was always something missing.

Today Lisa embraces a mixture of training into her exercise world, but she would never be without Yoga.

Lisa’s practice encourages a strong mind/body/spirit connection. She delivers a strong, physical practice, whilst encouraging students to adapt postures as to how their body feels each day, to avoid pain and to be able to soften into poses.

There will be plenty of alignment queues, indicative of Lisa’s interest in anatomy and physiology and her study of Anusara Yoga with Bridget Woods Kramer. There is likely to be a gentle flow between poses, with longer holds than a traditional Vinyassa practice.

Lisa likes to use music and short readings as a way to enhance the experiences her participants have during their practice and as a way of enabling them to taken the teachings of Yoga with them into the outside world.


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