Lisa Innes

United Kingdom

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“Yoga is a lifeline that brings us back to being”

Empathetic and intuitive, Lisa has been practising yoga since the early 2002 and teaching since 2016.

She is passionate about the ways in which yoga can support us in our busy, often pressured, modern lives and (through both personal experience, and that of her students) has come to believe in yoga as a vital to our wellbeing – a practice that can both support us through difficult and challenging situations and enhance our day-to-day experience of life.

Having trained at Bristol City Yoga with Laura Gilmore, Mel Cooper, Janet Hartley (yoga) and Kat Tsaousi (anatomy & physiology), Lisa’s teaching is rooted in the Hatha tradition – combining physical practice (asana) with breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation.

Lisa’s classes are designed to be inclusive and, in all of her teaching, she applies herself honestly and with authenticity – recognising that she is just as fallible as her students and always working with the group to achieve what is needed at that moment in time.

A keen runner she is also acutely aware of the ways in which yoga can complement and even enhance performance in other sports, teaching a variety of classes that deal specifically with this and working with a number of members of the CDF Runners running club.

You can find Lisa teaching a variety of public, corporate and one-to-one classes across the Cardiff area.


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