Lisa Jane Wright

Cape Town WC
South Africa

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082 385 1500
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Lisa is a qualified instructor specializing in personal individual and group Therapeutic Bodywork to promote holisitic stress free well being and health.

To share the BLESSING and gift of Yoga and Body Movement with others

Om Tat Sat. Tat Tvam Asi
Defining well being though balancing the energies of the body. Inspiring healthy lifestyle choices

Her twenty years of dance experience coupled with therapeutic bodywork including yoga, pilates and meditation places Lisa in a unique position to understand body movement and intuitively tailor-make each session according to individual needs

Lisa's experience with international clients as well as corporate marketing and CSI give her understanding and ability to not only match but exceed clients expectations

She has also worked as a volunteer for Children of Fire Charity in different squatter camps (mainly Joe Slovo) teaching children Yoga, English,art and reading in order to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to perform better at school


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