Lisa MacNutt

Truro, NS

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Lisa MacNutt is a Counselling Therapist (CCC, RCT-C) and Yoga Instructor. Lisa was convinced to deepen her yoga practice after witnessing an amazing transformation take place in her brother Jeff’s life after his own yoga teacher training. Lisa is fascinated by the mind-body connection and the spirituality within this ancient practice. Her background in psychology, education, and counselling has provided her with a variety of experiences working as a Teacher, Guidance Counsellor, and Counselling Therapist. A former figure skater (turned hockey player), professional skating coach, and avid fastball player, Lisa has been involved in sports her whole life. Above all, she and her husband Kevin are busy parents to their three wonderful children--Cole, Ally and Annalise. Under the direction of Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass, Lisa is thrilled to be provided with the opportunity to share her journey and introduce others to the amazing benefits yoga has to offer.


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