Lisa Mattes

Cairns QLD
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Lisa was introduced to yoga in Thailand in 2001 and then dipped into numerous yoga styles such as Anusara, Astanga, Bikram and Iyengar before doing a classic Hatha Teacher Training in Australia in classes vary from gentle, slow paced Yin Yoga to more vigorous, faster paced Vinyasa Sequences with inversions and balances weaved into.

With freediving being her 2nd passion, she is very aware of the power of breath and often adds some pranayama (breathing exercises) as well as specific asanas (poses) to classes – perfect for scuba and free divers to extend bottom times and feel even more relaxed in the water.

Lisa also is a promoter and teacher of raw foods on , and also a freediving instructor (diving on a single breath) at Apnea Utila.

Contact her directly for private (skype) classes.


Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Sunset asanas in paradise

Over a couple of weeks I took regular classes with Lisa. Sometimes in group sometimes one-on-one. Every class was slightly different and with a clear intention. My favorite; balance classes! Handstand, headstand and tree balancing was a challenge while practicing on the dock with the light Caribbean sunset breeze caressing you.