Lisa Morris

United Kingdom

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I started practicing yoga in 2001.

My previous career as a dancer / choreographer/ dance teacher meant that I wanted to find another practise to inspire and fulfil the need to move and understand the body and mind.

Iyengar yoga was that inspiration, from the moment I found a wonderful teacher to learn from, I realised this would potentially be a fulfilling life long practise.

A few years of life later, I now love teaching Iyengar yoga to many students.

Having progressed from an Introductory teacher ( 2006) through the rigorous process of becoming a Junior Intermediate level 3 teacher (2016) I am now qualified under the strict guidelines of the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) to teach some more difficult postures.

From beginners to intermediate practitioners I enjoy also teaching yoga teachers from other disciplines, who come to class for posture practise and technique understanding.

I hope to meet you soon in class.

Iyengar yoga hall based and home studio classes.
Intermediate classes, gentle classes, beginner and over 50's.
Teaching for over 9 years maintaining a personal practice and workshop attendance.

I enjoy teaching newcomers helping to understand how to create an enjoyable practice based on your current ability, including beginners.

Intermediate classes are well attended, many classes are popular. Iyengar technique includes personal hands on adjustment, working with props to further understand posture and alignment. So please do enquire if you are serious about beginning a personal practice for improved health and vitality.

In 2015 my carpenter husband and I decided to take the plunge and build a studio in the garden to be fully equipped for Iyengar yoga. We are so lucky to be in the green belt and have tried to maximise the beautiful field view from the windows. Occasionally the cows pop their heads through the fence to say hi!

It's now complete and ready for students, so please do contact me if you are interested in trying Iyengar yoga, it would be great to welcome you to the studio.


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