Lisa Ross

Leander, TX
United States

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Lisa started her teaching career over 25 years ago in aerobic and fitness group exercise. After a back injury in 2004 she was forced to seek out new ways to exercise, keep fit and continue teaching. Yoga was a great relief because it was a slower pace than the high impact aerobics classes that she was teaching. The flexibility component helped in relieving some of the back pain, but movements were still guarded and incomplete due to the injury. It was the study of Pilates and gaining core strength and awareness of all of the body connections that she was able to fully heal her back and finally find a pain free life. Today Lisa teaches small group mind/body fitness classes featuring yoga, Pilates, Barre, and cycling. All classes focus on proper alignment and the use of body awareness techniques that will help participants find their mind, body and spirit connection. After all, movement is happiness and moving pain free is bliss.


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