Lisa Tauferner

College Station, TX
United States

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Throughout her life, Lisa has been fascinated with various healing practices and exploring the mind-body connection, all of which have helped her cope with numerous life events. Seeking better health and curious about this increasingly popular practice, she first encountered yoga upon taking an instructional class at the Texas A&M Rec Center in 1996 and finally found a lifetime practice to cultivate and maintain awareness of the mind-body connection. She has been teaching yoga since 2001 and is certified in Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. She is currently working toward her 500-hour yoga certification. She has enhanced her experience with yoga and meditation by studying with Gary Kraftsow, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Mark Whitwell, Chase Bossart, Richard Miller, Amy Weintraub, and James Van Praagh.

Lisa has taught yoga classes of various levels and sizes including one-on-one and duo/trio private yoga classes: “Teaching yoga is a wonderful way to share a practice that has given me so much personally and I enjoy watching students progress and learn both on and off the mat through yoga’s principles. It helps me every day to understand and apply the following principle: a teacher is only as effective as his or her ability to understand where the student is.”

Lisa is a certified Master Reiki practitioner and teacher, which is a form of energy therapy. This healing practice has helped her to maintain a healthy balance in her own life while transforming her understanding of how well being is available to all. She is also trained as a Oneness blessing giver, another form of universal energy transfer. Lisa conducts monthly guided meditation & energy shares for the community. In addition to energy therapy and yoga, Lisa incorporates other mindfulness/meditation studies into her classes to included guided visualization, breathing practices, stress/pain management and other relaxation techniques.

Services Offered: Yoga Classes & Workshops, Reiki Energy Therapy Treatments & Training, Personal Development Workshops & Community Events


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