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Lisa has been teaching yoga for over 15, in Hong Kong, Italy and Ireland and was honoured to be recently appointed Ambassador of the Yoga Alliance International. Olive 3 studio has also been appointed as the first TIME meditation training school of the Meditation Alliance International. She has studied and obtained teacher qualifications with some of the most well internationally well respected Masters such as Deepak Chopra, Sri Joytish Patel and Swami Vidyanand Founder and President Yoga Alliance India, Yoga Alliance Asia – Pacific, Yoga Alliance International. She has obtained her Masters qualification under from Swami Vidyanand and is currently following her Grand Master program under his personal tutelage. She is also studying Advanced Ayrvedic Yoga Therapy with Dr David Frawley founder of The American Institute of Vedic Studies.
Her classes are accessible to all levels of Yoga and focus on the individual needs of each pupil, bringing balance and harmony to mind body and soul.
She has been certified by the Yoga Alliance International to deliver Yoga Teacher Training Courses up to 500 hour advanced level. Currently Lisa is training 11 new teachers on her teacher training course. Lisa is truly passionate about the practical application of Yoga to everyday life rather then it just being seen as an escape. Yoga gives us the tools to cope and respond to various situations rather than just living in reaction and flight or flight.

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