Lisa Valentine

United Kingdom

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Are you looking for that inner peace?

Lisa has been practising Yoga for 20 years and has just returned back from living and teaching in the french Alps. Lisa has also attended Yoga workshops in London, India and Thailand to continue her learning, she qualified in Vinyasa flow 200hr TT in 2009 in Ibiza with Still

Vinyasa Yoga is a sanskrit term often employed to describe a broad range of yoga styles. It symbolises a flowing, dynamic form of yoga.

Vinyasa flow is a fusion of various styles of style concentrates on breath synchronized movement, one movement one breath creating a union between the two sides, energetic in ways and simply flowing creating a beautiful balance, leaving you feeling invigorated yet with a deep residing peace.

My classes will lead you into a dance with your breath, body and mind.

In this style of yoga expect to work hard and get warm as we stoke the inner fires and send energy pulsating through the body.

Yoga has many healing benefits for your mind, body and soul. Like all styles of yoga, Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits. Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

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