Lisa Watkins

Addison, TX
United States

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Over the years my yoga practice has become much more than a way to break a sweat and stay in shape. Unexpectedly, over these last few years, yoga has gone from a “workout” to a lifestyle in many ways.

While I try to spend an hour on my mat most days of the week, it’s what I carry with me the other 23 hours of the day that I never expected. I feel like I have truly become more aware of how my thoughts and emotions show up in my physical body. This awareness in turn has allowed me to understand that I can’t have physical health without taking equal care of my mind and spirit. And while it can be frustrating to find the struggles of life show up as struggles in my practice, it is equally empowering to find the principles of yoga play out in my everyday life in my approach to hard times and my overall outlook on life.

Not only do I see the connection to yoga and my own life, but it has be such a natural complement to my career as a therapist. I know that yoga will forever be an integral part of my life and that there will always be room to grow and evolve in my personal practice, as a teacher and as a whole person.